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Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate Agents







Q: I’m an agent and I take my own listing photos; why would I want to pay you to do it?

      A: For one, beautiful photographs will entice your buyers and have them (literally) lining up at your client's front door. Great photos stand out and get more clicks in online listings than average photos.

          Secondly, beautiful photographs build your brand. 92% of home buyers now start their searches on the Internet, so they’re going to make           assumptions about your agency based on the photographs they see in the listings. Photographs are the first “tangible” that online shoppers will associate with you and your brand. Do you have mediocre photos (like the majority of listings) or do you have really great photographs? Now think about sellers—don’t you think they’re more likely to choose you if your listings feature high quality photography?


Q: Are you saying I shouldn't take my own listing pictures?


       A: Doesn't it make more sense for you to spend your time doing the things you do best?

  • Building relationships

  • Following up on leads

  • Developing your business


       As an agent, the time you spend taking pictures and processing them on your computer doesn't get you more clients or sell your current clients' homes faster. You probably outsource other aspects of your business; why not outsource this task to a specialist as well?


      What we're really talking about is using high quality photography as a better way for you to do marketing.  Every real estate company has a selling/marketing system. If you want to differentiate your business from all the others in your area, grow your market share, and build your brand,  the simplest and fastest way is to improve your listing photographs.


Q: So what do you do that’s different?


        A: That’s a great question!

       First, we’ll consult with you to learn about the property and the features you think need to be highlighted. Then we’ll get a copy of our sellers checklist sent to the homeowner to ensure the house looks its best when we come to take the pictures.


      On the day of the shoot, we’ll arrive at the house and take a few minutes for a walkthrough, making notes about the rooms and features. All the while we're using our sense of design, eye for composition, and technical knowledge of camera and lighting to create beautiful photographs for you. 

      The images you'll receive will have straight verticals and horizontals--they won't be skewed in goofy ways or have horizons that tilt at odd angles. They'll be attractively composed and lit. Our goal is to make pictures that could just as easily grace the pages of a magazine as they would a listing on your website,, Zillow, and Trulia. And we'll take the same care and approach whether it's an $80,000 home or a $10,000,000 home.  Like we've said, it takes more to do this right than simply having a camera.

Q: So how long does it take for you to photograph a house?


       A: It depends on the size of the house, the complexity of the job, and how well staged the property is when we arrive, but 20 minutes to 1hour is pretty typical. If we have to move furniture or stuff, it takes longer.


Q: What happens after you’re done?


       The photographs are post processed and then uploaded to a private online gallery for you. We’ll email you the gallery login details and you can then download the photographs to post them in the listing. Turnaround time is almost always less than 24 hours.  The photographs you'll receive will be perfectly sized for MLS listings. 

Q: Who owns the photographs and how does licensing work?


       A: Since we're the creator of the images, we retain copyright ownership. The photographs are licensed to you (the listing agent) for the purpose of marketing the home. You may use them in print flyers and ads, on your website, and in your MLS listings but you may not give or sell them to the homeowner, builder, another agent or any other third party. If you'd like to use the images in additional ways, we'd be happy to discuss pricing for those uses with you.


Q: Should someone else be in the house while you’re photographing it?


        A:We work faster when we're on our own. Please let me know ahead of time if it's OK to move something in order to get a better scene in a room.


Q: Speaking of liability, do you have insurance?


        A: Of course. We all carry a $1,000,000 business liability policy for on the ground photography, as well as drone.

Q: This sounds like a good idea. What do you charge to photograph a property?


         Please contact us for pricing details. It all depends on what you are looking for. Most of our prices are listed in the Services & Pricing Tab

Q: How do I pay you?


      A check on the day of the shoot is great. Alternatively, the system that we use to deliver the photos will require payment before you download the photos. You can use your debit card or credit card.

Q: In what areas do you work?


       A: For Northern Idaho clients, We're conveniently based downtown Coeur d'Alene and can travel throughout the area: Kootenai County, Bonner County, Spokane Washington, Latah County or farther. Locations beyond the 50 mile round trip from I-90 & Hwy 95 will insure a $0.85 per mile charge.

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